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Vintage Case - Classic Brown w/ Gold Piping
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One of a kind. Please do not attempt to order more than one of this particular case.

This case is refinished in two rich tones with gold piping. Many machines will fit in this case - it is configured for machines with a standard 7" x 14" to 15" bed, and will accommodate minor variances. Many Singers and Japanese manufactured machines will fit. The bracket reinforcements are designed to help you carry your machine with confidence. This case has the original handle and hardware, all in sound condition and firmly fastened to the case.

Please note: Cases are refinished and enhanced vintage machine cases from the 1950s and 1960s. The wood is 1/4" thick, joined with box joints that we have carefully re-glued as necessary. Case interiors are clean but not typically refinished as they are hidden from view and refinishing would only add to the expense. Cases are refurbished USED items sold "as is" with no implied warranty.

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