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Vintage Sewing Cartoon - Caption Winners!

Posted by James Wolfensberger on

Sally Stitch - Quilter's Stash Box - Still Stitching

We posted a "Sally Stitch" cartoon panel and asked for funny captions. We had many entries. Some participants provided the characters with useful dialog regarding proper use of a sewing machine - we can all appreciate that! We chose the entries that genuinely made us laugh aloud. Thanks to all who participated!

We've selected three winners to receive a DVD copy of Still Stitching, the only feature-length documentary available on vintage sewing machines. Plus, we've selected Honorable Mentions to watch Still Stitching for free online!


Richard Harper - Winner

Richard Harper - Still Stitching Contest Winner

Mindy Edwards-King - Winner

Mindy Edwards-King - Still Stitching Contest Winner

Mindy pointed out that Sally Stitch was likely reading from this diagram:

Funny Sewing Machine Diagram

Susan Quel - Winner

Susan Quel - Still Stitching Contest Winner


We custom paint Singer Sewing Machines


Denise M. Johns - Honorable Mention

Lida Rose - Honorable Mention

Cathie Lester - Honorable Mention

Kathy Schmitt - Honorable Mention

Beth Lewis - Honorable Mention

Becky Berry - Honorable Mention

Teena Lee Sorrell - Honorable Mention

No one is allowed to pick on our dear friend Teena for calling Sally Stitch "Delores!"

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