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Sewing Machines in Animated GIF Images

Posted by James Wolfensberger on

We recently discussed how few images we could find of celebrities using sewing machines, something that struck me as odd given the wildly prolific nature of such things on the Internet.

Similarly, I wondered how many animated images specific to sewing machines I could locate. Below are my favorite GIFs that aren't so heavy to load in a browser that they have been known to make modems overheat and explode. I promise our examples are safe.

Realizing that most know what an animated GIF is, I'll explain in case some are unfamiliar. A GIF is an image file developed for practical use online long before most of us even knew there was something called "online." An animated GIF is a clever format that allows a series of images to be saved into one file (not entirely unlike a video format), so that the images are displayed frame by frame like a movie. They are typically very short animations, or else the files grow too large to display quickly - hence my joke above about exploding modems, so don't worry.

With that last thought in mind, give these images a moment to load if they don't appear instantly.

Let the silliness ensue...

One Word: Cat

Please Identify Marge Simpson's Machine Model

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Well of Course Unicorns Can Treadle

More Proof

And Cows are Great with Massively Over-Sized Machines

Trolls* Can Treadle, Too

* Thanks to reader Ann for identifying this image as Kanaya Maryam from the web comic "Homestuck" by Andrew Hussie.

Pink Arm, Green Base

Hmmm... Some Will Get the Reference

They're Always Sewing In Philadelphia

Did You See this Guy in Pee-Wee's Big Holiday?

The End

(Did You Enjoy These Enough to Happy Dance?)

If you enjoy humor and vintage sewing machines, you'll find a few chuckles in our Still Stitching documentary - but mostly it's fascinating information and dozens of beautiful classic machines and discussion with eight collectors and experts.

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