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British Programming on Vintage Sewing Machines (1920s - 1960s)

Posted by James Wolfensberger on

British Pathé is an extensive newsreel archive of 85,000 films spanning from 1896 to 1976. There is international footage of major events, public figures, science and culture.

The site includes some terrific segments featuring sewing machines, providing historical context and beautiful imagery. Enjoy!




More information on the "Goofybike" with the treadle machine is available in a previous post.






More from British Pathé

You can also find numerous clips that include brief moments with sewing machines, primarily demonstrating the use of machines within a variety of industries.

Want to learn more about vintage sewing machines?

Our film, Still Stitching, is the only feature-length documentary on the passion for vintage sewing machines. It offers 100 minutes of gorgeous classic machines, interviews with collectors and restoration specialists, and history. Featuring Joseph Brennan, Karen Castor, Danna L. Fore, Scott Kennedy, Will McCann, Renato Pace, Terry Craword Palardy, and Cathy Racine.

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