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Alternative Uses for Sewing Machine Motors

Posted by James Wolfensberger on

Alternative Uses for Sewing Machine Motors

Within the VSM (vintage sewing machines) community, some of us tend to get a little touchy about repurposed sewing machines. It's a highly subjective matter, but many VSM enthusiasts have a hard time seeing beauty or value in things like lamps and toy tractors made from 20th century machines.


But there is a part of a sewing machine that can repurposed and might not be as offensive to some collectors: the motor... sometimes. Don't waste that authentic Singer Featherweight motor of course, but there are plenty of time-worn Japanese motors that don't offer much in terms of authenticity and value, particularly if they are not painted a specific color, and they are piled in boxes in the workshops of sewing machine mechanics. And of course some motors - old and new - can be purchased very cheaply apart from the sewing machine.

Would these repurposed motors be useful to you?

Micro Wood Lathe

Disk Sander

Grinder #1

Grinder #2


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