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Winner Sews Shopping Bags from Autumn Fabric in Quilter's Stash Box

Posted by Brenda Wolfensberger on

Connie Olson sewed these shopping bags using the fabric from the August 2017 Quilter's Stash Box.

Each month, quilters are invited to submit a photo of a project made from Stash Box contents. Submissions can be made from any Stash Box from the previous 12 months. Read complete guidelines by clicking here.

Congratulations to Connie Olson of Mayville, New York!

Imagine our surprise when just days after shipping Connie her very first Quilter's Stash Box, she sent us a photo so quickly. She was inspired to use the "Happy Fall" Hoffman fabric bundle from her August 2017 box to make beautiful and practical market bags. While this isn't a quilted project, we love it nonetheless - no plastic or paper for this Stash Box subscriber! 

"The colors are very fall-like," Connie tells us. "Love it. Cloth market bags are washable, great for bread, rolls, OJ, anything. I gave one to a daughter and one to a niece. As you can see there was not much material left over. Scraps were very minimal 11" WOF, and a very little piece of orange."

Connie Olson's scraps from her market bag project.

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"I tried a few different things," Connie says. "There are no raw edges inside the bags. On the orange smaller bag, I used the rest of the leaf material for the trim at the top and the strap. One bag I angled side-seams to the bottom. It takes the stress off the bottom corners of the bag if something a bit heavy is put in the bag."

With good humor, she tells us her bags may be a little less than perfect, "but my grocery items will not hold it against me." We think they're beautiful.

Connie Olson's completed market bags.

Connie's Prize

Quilter's Stash Box August Prize

We are sending our winner the items pictured above:

  • A Mini Crafting Iron
  • Quilt Happy Travel Sewing Kit
  • A Fine-tip Water Erasable Marker

Thank you, Connie. We hope to see more of your projects in the coming months.

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