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The November Stash Box Features Bluecreeper

Posted by Brenda Wolfensberger on

Bluecreeper SMO

The November Quilter's Stash Boxes have shipped, and this month's theme is the most important tool in your studio - your sewing machine.

In addition to multiple patterns, fabric, and other surprise items related to sewing machines, the November Stash Box features the most exciting development in sewing machine maintenance we've seen: Bluecreeper brand SMO (sewing machine oil). This new SMO builds upon the quality and success of their amazing Bluecreeper penetrating lubricant. This product has caused a stir in vintage sewing machine circles because the Bluecreeper products are so effective at cleaning and lubricating mechanisms.

We spoke to Tammy at Bluecreeper:

"Most sewing machine oils on the market are nothing more than mineral oil," says Tammy. "It seems everyone markets mineral oil with their name on it. And many of them contract with the same zoom spout bottle so they all look alike too. Our SMO uses the same composition as our Bluecreeper penetrant. SMO has a heavier viscosity than Bluecreeper. What this means to the consumer is our SMO will wick better and have more residual lubrication."

The original Bluecreeper penetrant was originally developed for logging tools which are highly susceptible to moisture and rust. These tools must work smoothly for safety and efficiency. Due to its exceptional qualities and ability, Bluecreeper was ultimately marketed as a general purpose penetrant.

When vintage sewing machine enthusiast Scott Kennedy discovered how well Bluecreeper penetrant worked on sewing machines, he suggested that the company consider making an SMO formula.

"He found just like we did that it wicked into the hard to reach, tiny spots on his machines," Tammy explains, "through the lint and residue left behind by other products."

Scott had been a long-time advocate for Bluecreeper throughout the VSM (vintage sewing machine) community. With Scott's input and assistance with testing, the new SMO was developed within a matter of months. Currently, the Bluecreeper products are available online, but the company is working to provide their SMO through appropriate retailers. "We feel our product is best represented by those who use it," says Tammy. So if you try Bluecreeper SMO, share your experience with your local shops that sell maintenance products for sewing machines.

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Bluecreeper 15% Off Coupon

Our Stash Box subscribers received a 25% off coupon for online purchases at in addition to the SMO in a bottle applicator. Even if you didn't purchase a Stash Box in November, Tammy has provided a 15% discount code for our blog readers! Use code VQB9301 to save on any Bluecreeper product at

Bluecreeper Penetrating Lubricant

Bluecreeper Value Pack

Don't get confused regarding Bluecreeper SMO as compared to their original Bluecreeper penetrating lubricant.

The penetrant is ideal for many household and mechanical needs. Unlike pungent kerosene-based products such as Liquid Wrench, Bluecreeper has a pleasant scent and is easily applied. It's great on any mechanism that can benefit from cleaning and lubrication. You can purchase a value pack that includes two refillable precision applicator bottles, plus an 8 oz. supply to refill them. That's 10 ounces total. If you use the coupon code VQB9301 to save 15% on an order, keep in mind you can use it on the penetrating lubricant and the SMO - try them both!

Now What?


We'll reveal more about the November Quilter's Stash Box soon, and you can see video reveals on the official website. If you're ready to subscribe now, you can choose from a variety of options here.

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  • Have been using Blue Creeper on our Tin Lizzie 18 long arm, as well as our vintage Singer. Remarkable results.. especially when some serious bushing squeal started after regular oiling with the apparent mineral oil supplied. A few drops of Blue Creeper and the squeal subsided and has not returned after quilting a minimum of 300 more quilts (Church quilters donate on average 150 quilts a year all from this one TL-18).

    Buck Hunter on

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