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Superior Threads Featured in the March Stash Box

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There is more than a mile of thread in the March 2017 Stash Box!

Thanks to our new thread partner Superior Threads, our subscribers are receiving four 500/yard spools of beautiful thread this month.

Since the inception of Quilter's Stash Box, we've sent out countless spools of high quality thread, but the March 2017 Stash Box is the first time we've taken the opportunity to truly feature thread. While Superior Threads develops and offers products for all types of sewing and needle art, their expertly-designed and manufactured quilting threads are the perfect choice for our monthly Stash Boxes.

The History of Superior Threads

Heather & Bob PurcellOwners Heather and Bob Purcell are beloved figures in the industry, having built a company that understands the passion of quilters and sewists. For two decades the Purcells have committed themselves to ensuring that quilters, sewists, embroiderers, upholsterers, and seamstresses have access to every imaginable thread type needed to make beautiful, durable products and artwork.

Their journey into the thread industry actually began in 1994. Heather tells us the story of how she first began quilting, which in time led to building a successful company.

Our family moved to St. George UT from Hawaii in 1994. I had a chance to decorate my bedroom from scratch and thought I would go out and buy a handmade quilt at a local crafters' mall. They had several in the right size but not in any color that I was interested in. On the way home I passed a quilt store and wondered what they sell there and the rest is history.

After quilting about a year, Heather was working on a Christmas project that required a metallic thread. She became frustrated with the thread "because it kept snarling, shredding and breaking."

We had lived in Japan for 10 years and had seen much of the beautiful metallic thread work on Kimonos, and I thought to myself that there is no way the Japanese would be using the kind of thread I was trying to sew with. A trip to Japan to meet with metallic thread manufacturers confirmed that it was definitely not the same thread, and Bob and I thought American sewists and quilters should be able to use a quality metallic thread also.

The Purcells cleaned out their garage and Superior Threads was born, beginning with the sale of metallic threads. Soon they were receiving requests for specialty products such as invisible, glow-in-the-dark, and water-soluble threads.

If we felt like there was a "missing" type of thread in the market, we would research it, source it, and then sell it. A lot of ideas came from teachers within the industry who needed a thread to provide for their students who couldn't find the products that their teacher recommended. This was in the days when the Internet was not readily available.

Superior Threads

Today, a staff of more than 40 operates from Superior Threads' 25,000 sq. foot warehouse in St. George, Utah. With so many thread offerings, Heather must constantly tap her creativity for naming them. "There are only a handful of names used more than once," she explains, "so as each thread line is designed, naming them becomes harder and harder."

Superior Threads - Staff

Some of the friendly professionals at Superior Threads.

Expertise & Thread Selection

Having gained extensive expertise, Bob and Heather share their knowledge and insight in the Superior Threads Newsletter, which includes Bob's Superior Jokes.

"Thread can be confusing to new quilters as well as accomplished quilters," says Heather. There are a myriad of thread-related questions and answers. Will you want your thread to be a visual emphasis, the "star" of your finished piece, or should the thread "blend?" Will a variegated thread enhance your design? Should your thread provide a lot of texture in your project? And so on...

"You should choose your thread based on what you want the final product to look like," Heather points out. This sometimes means considering thread types that you've avoided in the past, and we might need to dispel an important myth:

A myth that has been around for a while is that you can only quilt your cotton fabric with cotton thread. Not so - not true at all! We have some beautiful cotton threads but we also have some beautiful shiny polyester threads in colors that are so vibrant.

Best Sellers

Heather identified three of their best-selling threads that quilters might like to try.

Superior Threads - King Tut

King Tut Egyptian-grown cotton line - designed for quilting. We included two King Tut spools in our January Stash Box.

Superior Threads - So Fine!

So Fine! #50 polyester - designed for bobbins, quilting, and sewing.

Superior Threads - Bottom Line

Bottom Line polyester - designed with award-winning quilter Libby Lehman.

Heather Purcell - Mother Superior

Known affectionately throughout the industry as Mother Superior, Heather tells us, "I love to piece quilts and spend about 1-2 hours a day sewing, and then I send the tops out to a list I have of very talented quilters who make everything come alive. I feel very blessed to be in this industry. It is filled with imaginative and generous people happy to be creating."

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