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Sneak Peek into August's Stash Box

Posted by Brenda Wolfensberger on

Everyone loves surprises, but don't we also love hints and clues? We're going to give you a little teaser of what you will be seeing in our August Quilter's Stash Box.

We have included GE Designs in previous months, including our very first Stash Box in June 2015. Now more than a year later, we are excited to work with Gudrun Erla of GE Designs to bring you a very special Stash Box. 

Meet Gudrun - GE Designs

Gudrun Erla was born and raised in Iceland. She has been quilting for over twenty years and is now based in the U.S. She learned to sew as a child both in school and from her grandmother. Gudrun told us that in her early 20's she took a beginner quilting class and "fell in deep and never looked back." 

Gudrun has released 19 quilting books, has been published in numerous magazines, and last year organized her first quilting tour in her native Iceland. This had been something she wanted to do for years. From the look of the photos she has shared - it was loved by all who joined her.

If you follow Gudrun on social media you know she rarely slows down. She is often posting and sharing her many lectures and classes.

Regarding her design process, Gudrun explained to us that usually a block or overall look will come to mind first, then she works to figure out how to make it happen. Most of Gudrun's designs will look great in any color palette. Many of her patterns are suitable for any skill level. She has an extensive list of quilt-as-you-go patterns that are all quick, easy and fun to make, including her very first pattern - Braid Runner.

With more than twenty years of experience designing and quilting, you can imagine all the scraps she has accumulated. Gudrun often cuts her leftovers into strips for other projects. In time she decided there had to be an easier way to cut strips for interesting patterns. She designed the Stripology Ruler as a Creative Grids product. If you haven't seen or used this ruler, I recommend trying it. I'm amazed at how quickly I can now cut strips.

Here's Gudrun displaying her Stripology Ruler:

Books by Gudrun

We asked Gudrun about her own favorite designs. Lucky for us, her favorite "go-to" patterns can be found in her books. She especially likes Teen Spirit (Big Blocks Big Style), Steamy Windows (Strip On) and Nina and Bob & Weave (Strip your Stash).

Tips from Gudrun

As an experienced writer, lecturer, and instructor, Gudrun surely has advice for a new quilter.

Start out with a pattern that appeals to you. Don’t choose a project that someone suggests as a good one to start with if it does nothing to inspire you. You have to be inspired and then it will drive you to finish and fall in love at the same time.

Gudrun takes her own advice, saying that she draws her "inspiration from everywhere, there is not one place or time."

Most of us have UFO's in our studio, maybe even more than we care to admit. But Gudrun had this to say regarding "unfinished" projects:

Now this is a question I could never answer. What defines a UFO? I have multiple ideas going, bits of blocks, many abandoned for multiple reasons. If we are talking about actual quilts I want to finish at some point, they are actually not that many. Only a handful.

It's fun to ask what quilt adorns a designers bed - it gives us a glimpse into their taste and preferences. Gudrun explained that most Icelanders use a duvet year-round. So we won't find a quilt on her bed, but we can expect them on her couch - three at the moment: Strip Burst, Kite Runner, and Matrix.

So get ready, Stash Box subscribers!

The August Stash Box is going to have wonderful surprises from GE Designs and our fabric partner, Hoffman California Fabrics (follow Hoffman Fabrics on Facebook here.)

Not a subscriber yet?

You can read more about Stash Box right here.


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