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Quilt UFOs - Our New Facebook Community!

Posted by Brenda Wolfensberger on

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The interest in our recent article "Conquer Your UFOs: Tips from the Pros" inspired us to really take action in the fight against those pesky UnFinished Objects in our sewing rooms and studios - in our case, quilts and quilted projects!

When we asked Facebook friends, almost everyone admitted that they had UFOs and wanted to tackle them - some said "nothing works." Bummer! So we thought, why not a "club" or community where we can really encourage one another to stay on task with those UFOs? We're thinking positive feedback, ideas and methods to stay motivated, constant encouragement, maybe even some friendly competition as long as it's fun. You can help us build and tailor the community in a way that can work for all of us!

Join us on the Quilt UFOs Facebook group and post your UFOs. Let's get 'em done in 2017!

I'm working on this Swoon quilt slowly but surely. I've been doing my cutting late at night while catching up on Project Runway episodes, and so far, so good. What's your method to keep progressing on those slower projects? Talk to us on the Quilt UFOs group!

Brenda Wolfensberger's Swoon Quilt UFO

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