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Quilt Designer Jean Ann Wright Featured in August Stash Box

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Jean Ann Wright - Quilt Designer

Above - a section of "Waterfall" by Jean Ann Wright.

Jean Ann Wright estimates that she has made nearly 500 quilts in the past forty years.

"I have given so many to family members that they groan when I announce I have some quilts to give away so I can make room for more," she tells us. "Although lately I have been making lots of tote bags and my youngest daughter, an architect, is enjoying have totes to use as briefcases in colors to match whatever outfit she is wearing. So far she has six with more to come."

Jean Ann's accomplishments go much further than her hundreds of quilts. A retired editor-in chief of QUILT magazine (1986-2007), she has authored several books and designed quilt patterns and rulers. From her website:

Jean Ann is a member of the National Quilting Association, Studio Art Quilt Associates, American Quilters Society, International Quilt Association and the Surface Design Association. She has won awards for best original design at the IQA, Best of Show for Folk Art in Boca Raton, Florida, and numerous other 1st place awards in local, state, and national exhibitions. She has judged the International Quilt Association show in Salzburg, Austria and Houston, Texas; plus national shows in England and Canada and numerous regional shows in the United States. Jean Ann presents guild programs and leads quilting workshops including the Houston Quilt Festival and locations throughout the United States, Canada and England.

For August 2017, Quilter's Stash Box will feature a Cut Loose Press pattern from Jean Ann. Of course we can't reveal the pattern until the boxes ship to subscribers later this month... we don't want to spoil the surprise! But we can tell you that the pattern creates three items as a set. Shh.

Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool by Jean Ann Wright

Above - A section of the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool designed by Jean Ann Wright.

Jean Ann also designs Creative Grids rulers.

"I usually conceptualize a ruler in a dream," she tells us. "Then after I wake up, the next challenge is to create the artwork on my computer using Adobe Illustrator. This can take several hours or even several days. The artwork goes to Creative Grids USA and they often give suggestions for improvements. After we are pretty sure we have it correct in design and size, they make a prototype. After we receive the prototype several of us make a number of blocks to make sure the ruler works as it is designed. We may make some small changes, but often they are not needed. When the prototype is perfected the actual rulers are manufactured."

When she designs a Creative Grids ruler, Jean Ann is required to also design and quilt at least three projects for that ruler. She targets her patterns to beginner/intermediate quilters. "The whole idea of the rulers," she says, "is to make sewing the blocks quick and easy."

We asked Jean Ann what prompted her to make her first ruler.

"In my 20 years as Editor of QUILT magazine I discovered that the Log Cabin quilt was a favorite for quilters. I was never able to make a perfect block because at least one (or more) seams wandered off the 1/4" mark."

Her Log Cabin Trim Tool solved the problem - it adds width to the strips so that they are trimmed to exact size after they are sewn in place.

"Now I have a perfect Log Cabin block every time," says Jean Ann.

We asked her if she could choose only four rulers, which would she consider to be most essential?

"This is not a fair question!" she emphasizes. "I love them all. But if I were limited to four rulers it would be a Log Cabin, A Curvy Log Cabin, a Hexagon, and a Pineapple. (And I would want them all in all of the sizes). Although lately I have been having loads of fun with my Square on Square ruler, making Snail's Trail and Storm at Sea blocks."

Watch for Jean Ann's pattern in the August Stash Box. You can visit her website to browse her patterns and rulers.

Quilts by Jean Ann Wright


Waterfall by Jean Ann Wright

Terra Firma

Terra Firma by Jean Ann Wright

Breath of Spirit

Breath of Spirit by Jean Ann Wright

You can see many of Jean Ann's beautiful quilts by visiting her site and viewing the blog.

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